TAN School of Innovation

Passionate about life sciences

BIOS instructors

Justin Fendos

program leader

Lin Li

plant biology

Zhiqiang Yan

fly genetics

Boxun Lu

mouse genetics

Ruilin Zhang

fish genetics

Pingli Lu

plant biology

Jinbiao Ma


Guodong Ren


Yan Pi

fish genetics

Liang Cai

cell biology

Xianmei Yang


BIOS goals

More Experience

The main goal of BIOS is to provide students with more research experience and give a preview of the excitement and challenges of biology research.

Get Better Grades

BIOS is an authentic research experience lab, designed to teach you how to think like a scientist, something we know improves grades, especially in upper-level classes.

Earlier Start

In the traditional curriculum system, we have found students often start doing research too late to be of maximum benefit, so BIOS is a special opportunity to get a head start.

Other Benefits

After BIOS, you could be admitted into TSI, where you will receive travel funds to do research overseas for a semester or more, access to exclusive study room, be eligible to receive funding for your own startup company, etc.

BIOS introductory video