Future students

Future TSI students

What does the TAN School mean for you? As a student, you will have:

  • The life sciences major and a range of minors to choose from (including computer sciences, mathematics, etc!)
  • Access to cutting-edge facilities and world-class faculty.
  • You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience through Biology Intensive Orientation Summer, Advanced Interdisciplinary Biology Seminars, and by working directly with faculty.
  • Funding when you are ready to launch your own startup company, etc.

TSI offers an unparalleled education in the life sciences with a number of minors that will prepare you to pursue a any number of career paths. Need more reasons to consider TSI? Here are just a few.

Why the TAN School of Innovation?

Learning biology by doing biology

At TSI, we know the best way to learn biology is by doing it. From our signature programs such as Trip to Tianmu Mountain and Biology Intensive Orientation Summer where you solve real-world problems to faculty labs and field stations, you will put your knowledge to work.

A head start in authentic research

Authentic research is a key aspect of the TSI experience. Through out-of-class research, you have a myriad of research opportunities where you can sharpen your problem solving skills and address real-world problems alongside accomplished researchers from across the University investigating a stunning range of biological questions. And, through Advanced Interdisciplinary Biology Seminars, a group of faculty and students in the same field will weekly meet to discuss their research progress and problems, to push your research abilities to a higher level.

A world of opportunity

With a number of minors that inter-cross with the life sciences, the TAN School offers many excellent options. But the opportunities don’t stop in the classroom. As a TSI student, you can also study abroad, get your hands dirty with field biology, work in faculty labs, gain leadership experience and participate in student organizations.

Exceptional support and community

From the very start of the undergraduate experience, TSI provides the support and resources for students to form lasting bonds and develop as scholars, researchers and leaders.

Location, location, location

We are in Shanghai. TSI is an incubator for talent to fill positions at many biotech and health care-related employers.

What can I do with a degree from TSI?

The better question might be what can’t you do.

Scholarships for incoming TSI freshmen

First-year students are automatically joined Bajian program when they enroll in the TAN School.