Alumni Map

TAN School alumni fill us in on their whereabouts and what they’ve been up to since graduation. You can be part of the TSI alumni map, too!

Passing the torch …

Date Visiting Alumni Discussion Topic
2016/12/11 Xuan-ye Cao Nutrition science and biomedicine, etc
2016/12/17 Yi-chang Liu Food science and technology, etc
2016/12/19 Wan-er Chen Bioinformatics, etc
2017/10/29 Yu-nan Gao Gene therapy of neurological diseases, etc
2017/12/16 Xin-zhu Wei Ecology and evolution, etc
2017/12/18 Si-jie Ma Environmental Health
2017/12/24 Jia-yang Chen Neural Circuit and Neurodegenerative Diseases
2018/4/10 Cheng Xu Molecular Cellular and Integrated Biological Sciences
2018/5/17 Li-ming Cai Plant Biology, System Developmental Biology
2018/5/29 Zhao-long Yu Bioinformatics
2018/6/5 Xu-hang Li Structural Biology
2018/6/7 Hui-ya Yang Neurosciences
2018/9/1 Hao-tian Guo Synthetic Biology, iGEM competition
2018/9/27 Wei-jin Xu Fly Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology
2018 Dec Xuan-ye Cao Molecular and Cellular Biology
2018 Dec Si-qi Huang Biostatistics, Epidemiology
2019 May Ye-zi Xiang Molecular Biology and Plant Biology

Alumni event photos

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Just because you graduate, it doesn’t mean the good times have to stop!