Current students

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第一届 谈家桢创新班


chen xin-yu

Look at the world with pristine eyes, and be hopeful.


liu wei-kang

Feel excited about the present, and the future.


luo yu-hui

Live the life I imagine.


si yu-fei

My curiosity is hungry.


sun li-hua

I am a creative researcher and an overall developed person.


wang yu-kai

Being a special sample to the world.


wang zi-yue

I am a professional adventurer.


xie yang

Learn more and know more.


ye xuan-jia

To seek, and find.


zhu yan-ming

I want to integrate scientific spirit with my clinical practice, to serve the people.

第二届 谈家桢创新班


cai yi-ming

I am an outgoing boy with full enthusiasm and curiosity.


chen yi-fan

Nature never ceases to surprise and surpass us. I’ m Peter Chen, together with you.


chen ze-xu

Always on the way.


cheng na-chuan

Living, loving, learning.


cheng yan

They who cannot do as they would, must do as they can.


fu xiao-lei

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing my best today.


huang tian

Learn to guess.


wang zhi-min

Every day is full of hope.


yang zi-jie

To question the boundary of science from the perspective of a doctor.


yu hao-ming

Make it count!


yu zi-yan

Inspired, intrigued, and innovating — Facta non verba.


zhou yang

A young boy who wants to be a hero.

第三届 谈家桢创新班

陈子扬 Chen, Zi-yang

chen, zi-yang

The truth shall set you free.

杜容瑢 Du, Rong-rong

du, rong-rong

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.

胡婧怡 Hu, Jing-yi

hu, jing-yi

Love truth and pardon error.

李金铭 Li, Jin-ming

li, jin-ming

Find fun in research.

吴亚楠 Wu, Ya-nan

wu, ya-nan

Half is worse than none at all.

姚舒宁 Yao, Shu-ning

yao, shu-ning

Stay positive.

曾钰杰 Zeng, Yu-jie

zeng, yu-jie

Keep on dreaming and trying.

张凌威 Zhang, Ling-wei

zhang, ling-wei

Debug life.

第四届 谈家桢创新班

陈子昂 Chen, Zi-ang

chen, zi-ang

Imagination is the essence of discovery.

黄予超 Huang, Yu-chao

huang, yu-chao

For the deep dark fantasies.

林云致 Lin, Yun-zhi

lin, yun-zhi

Specks of living light, twinkling in the dark.

鲁盛谊 Lu, Sheng-yi

lu, sheng-yi

I believe in science.

马沁怡 Ma, Qin-yi

ma, qin-yi

You never know.

邱睿怡 Qiu, Rui-yi

qiu, rui-yi

The lust for life keeps me alive.

王吴双 Wang, Wu-shuang

wang, wu-shuang

Discover the beauty of life.

王一然 Wang, Yi-ran

wang, yi-ran

Everything is never as it seems.

张楚玥 Zhang, Chu-yue

zhang, chu-yue

Stay curious, stay hopeful.

第五届 谈家桢创新班

常石初 Chang, Shi-chu

chang, shichu

黄静波 Huang, Jing-bo

huang, jingbo

刘媛媛 Liu, Yuan-yuan

liu, yuanyuan

刘铮 Liu, Zheng

孙睿畅 Sun, Rui-chang

sun, ruichang

田仕峥 Tian, Shi-zheng

tian, shizheng

张卓锦 Zhang, Zhuo-jin

zhang, zhuojin