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Honors Courses 荣誉课程

 Semester 学期# 课号Course Name 课程名称
moocSpring 春季BIOL130008hPrinciples of Cell Biology 细胞生物学
Spring 春季BIOL130150h创新源泉与能力
Spring 春季BIOL130162h生物化学
Spring 春季BIOL130164hInfection and Immunity 感染与免疫
Spring 春季BIOL130165hDevelopment and Stem Cell Biology 干细胞与发育
moocFall 秋季BIOL130012hGenetics 遗传学
Fall 秋季BIOL130080hEpigenetics 表观遗传学
AIBS1Fall 秋季BIOL130159hAdvanced Interdisciplinary Biology Seminars (AIBS)
生物科学研究设计与实践 上
AIBS2Fall 秋季BIOL130160hAIBS 生物科学研究设计与实践 中
AIBS3Fall 秋季BIOL130161hAIBS 生物科学研究设计与实践 下
Fall 秋季BIOL130163h生理学与神经生物学
BIOSSummer 暑期BIOL130166hBiology Intensive Orientation Summer

BIOS instructors

Liang Cai

cell biology

Lin Li

plant biology

Yun Qi

fly genetics

Jinbiao Ma


Justin Fendos

program advisor

Guodong Ren


Yan Pi

fish genetics



BIOS goals

More Experience

The main goal of BIOS is to provide students with more research experience and give a preview of the excitement and challenges of biology research.

Get Better Grades

BIOS is an authentic research experience lab, designed to teach you how to think like a scientist, something we know improves grades, especially in upper-level classes.

Earlier Start

In the traditional curriculum system, we have found students often start doing research too late to be of maximum benefit, so BIOS is a special opportunity to get a head start.

Other Benefits

After BIOS, you could be admitted into TSI, where you will receive travel funds to do research overseas for a semester or more, access to exclusive study room, be eligible to receive funding for your own startup company, etc.

BIOS introductory video